Donations from individuals, organizations and businesses allow Louisa County Conservation to offer more programming and improve our areas. Use of your donation can designated for a specific project or used where it is most needed.

Memorial Donations & Bequests

Louisa County Conservation respectfully accepts and honors memorial donations and bequests. Donations can be made for a specific purpose, project, event or as a general donation. If you are interested in a memorial gift such as a tree or bench, please contact the Executive Director at 319-523-8381.


Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation

Louisa County Conservation partners with Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation on a number of projects and events. Tri-Rivers is a 501c3, non-profit organization that funds conservation related projects in the Louisa Resource Area.

Donations to Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation are tax deductible and can be earmarked for: the Louisa Interpretive Center; Louisa County Trails Council; Scholarships; Environmental Education or Endowment Funds (which are eligible for the Iowa State Tax Credit).

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