Wetland Interpretive Trail

East of Grandview, adjacent to Langwood Education Center.

The Wetland Interpretive Trail area is open to the public. The WIT is a .5-mile loop on hard-packed, crushed lime with 14 vibrant interpretive panels showcasing the importance of wetlands and all the plants and animals that call them home. Visitors can also fish at the pond and hike the mowed perimeter trail.


Open to the public for hiking and fishing!

About Wetland Interpretive Trail

This area is a pollinator paradise with 45-acres of native tallgrass prairie, wetlands and a small fishing pond.  Visitors are invited to walk the trails (~2-miles total), fish the pond for bluegill and bass or bring binoculars for some great birding.

The main attraction is a half-mile trail loop featuring 14 vibrant interpretive panels.  Learn about the Mississippi River watershed and the importance of wetlands.  The trail makes a lazy path through the prairie, crossing the wetland on two foot-bridges and a central plaza area with limestone seating.  This trail was completed with the help of a National Scenic Byways Grant, funding from the Carver Trust and Tri-Rivers Conservation Foundation.  Access to the trail is through a half-circle, one-way drive.  Vehicles enter on the North entrance and will find a gravel parking lot at the apex of the curve.  The trail is a hard-packed, crushed lime surface making it handicap accessible for many users.  We hope you enjoy stopping at the panels to view the plants, animals, birds, fish, insects, and more that rely on wetlands for habitat.

Please note that the adjacent Langwood Education Center is not open to the public, but available via group reservations or for programs and events.  Contact Louisa County Conservation for available dates and prices.



14019 H Avenue
Wapello , IA 52653
GPS: 41.263557, -91.151981
Size: 45 acres

  • Hiking trails
  • Parking lot
  • Nature study
  • Fishing (pond)
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