Iowa River Water Trail

Iowa River in Louisa County

The Iowa River in Louisa County flows unimpeded through thousands of acres of public backwater sloughs, wetlands and bottomland forests.


The Iowa River flows through Louisa County for 46 river miles free of dams or portages.  It traverse the county from the northwest corner to Ferry Landing at the confluence of the Mississippi River near Oakville.  The route offers paddlers scenic views, abundant wildlife and plenty of sandbars (during normal water levels). The river typically flows at a moderate pace of 3 miles per hour.

Check water levels before you go:

Iowa River at Iowa City

Iowa River at Wapello

Louisa County Conservation Board manages accesses to the Iowa River at: River Forks Access, Highway 61 Access and Cappy Russell Access.

Amenities: Sturgis Ferry Park, River Forks and Schwob Access are all located close to cities where a visitor could find: gas, food, groceries, restaurants and hotels.

Download Louisa County Iowa River Water Trail Brochure & Map

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