Hiking & Biking

There are so many great places to hike in Louisa County!

Most County Conservation Board areas have natural surface trails (dirt or mowed grass) that wind through woodlands, grasslands, wetlands or prairie.  Two sections of the Hoover Nature Trail have a crushed limestone/rock surface. Check out each area for more information.

If you are looking for a nice long hike with well marked trails, check out: Cairo Woods or Chinkapin Bluffs.  Both of these areas have a series of signs to help you find your way and offer four plus miles of hiking.

The trails at Chinkapin Bluffs meet up with the Hoover Nature Trail providing an option for an easy, flat walk or the challenge of climbing the bluff.  Bicycles are allowed on the public sections of the Hoover Nature Trail.

If you are looking for a shorter hike (3-miles or less) visit Virginia Grove, Wilson Prairie, Eden Park or Baird Timber.

Want to avoid hunters during hunting seasons?

Hunting is NOT allowed at: Eden Park, Wilson Prairie and Toolesboro Mounds, NHL.  Hikers are allowed to hike in areas that do allow hunting, but are advised to wear bright colors, such as blaze orange, so they can be seen.

Mississippi River Trail (MRT) - Biking in Louisa County

The MRT passes through the east side of Louisa County, following County Roads X-61 and 99.  There is a paved shoulder on the North-bound lane stretching 14 miles from the junction of X-61 and 99 North.  This lane can be used for bicycles heading North to be out of the main flow of traffic.  There are several neat places to visit along the MRT in Louisa County including the Toolesboro Mounds, HNL, Snively Campground, the Odessa Wildlife Management Complex, Port Louisa National Wildlife Refuge, Flaming Prairie, Big Timber Division of Port Louisa and Wilson Prairie.  Once complete, the MRT will reach from Lake Itasca, Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico.

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